Reclaim the Streets Photography Exhibition Monday 11 to Wednesday 27 April 2016

Long Gallery, Wolverhampton School of Art and Wolverhampton Art Gallery 

Long Gallery, Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

MK Building, Molineux Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1DT


Wolverhampton Art Gallery Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm

Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1DU


Prints from our very first international Reclaim Photography gallery exhibition hosted jointly by the Long Gallery and Wolverhampton Art Gallery, will be auctioned to raise funds for our regional charity Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer.

Wolverhampton School of Art Print Auction Wednesday 27 April 2016 7:30pm-8:45pm

Collect Art: photo opportunity - falling in love with the medium

To order a ticket for the auction please visit our Eventbrite page: Reclaim Photography WM 2016 Gallery Print Auction.

The auction, hosted by Will Farmer of Fieldings Auctioneers,  aims to offer you a unique opportunity to bid for framed limited edition and signed hand prints from emerging and internationally exhibiting world renowned art photographers, from the UK, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Sweden and USA.  These bespoke prints offer a range of genres and styles including: experimental, fine art, landscape, mixed-media, photo-journalism, portraiture and social documentary photography. 

The auction will also offer you the opportunity to bid for secret blind lots 'The Luck is in the Draw' from our Reclaim Photography street events. 

All images © of the photographers and may not be reproduced without prior permission. 

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Atsushi Fujiwara


1: ‘Butterfly Had a Dream’





14” x 11” signed artist proof hand Baryta print

1A:  Book: ‘Butterfly Had a Dream’ 2014 SOKYUSHA

Atsushi Fujiwara, born in 1963, Shiga, Japan, is a photographer and founder of ‘ASPHALT’ magazine with Japanese legendary photo editor Akira Hasegawa who has also edited books of Fukase, Moriyama, Araki and others.

This image is one of the key images of the photo book “Butterfly had a dream” 2015 SOKYUSHA.

The child in the photo is the daughter of a young woman who has been declared mentally unstable following a series of misfortunes, including the suicide of her father, an entomologist. This fragile woman, a bondage master in Tokyo, has made the decision to hand over her children to the care of her mother, who lived on the island of Miyako Jima. In “Butterfly had a dream”, her eye, and the eye of the night butterfly, are beginning to combine with her late father’s gaze.

This image was selected as a finalist for the Photography Award in the “2015 Photobook Melbourne” and was also in the art box “WOMBAT #16” in 2015 with William Klein.

Brett Killington


2: ‘Silence’ auction reserve £35.00

Paris underground






16 ”x 12” digital 

C-type on Kodak Endura paper

Brett Killington is a New Zealand photographer who works internationally on military themed projects. He is currently working with pin-hole cameras on WW1 battlefields and in underground spaces in France documenting WW1 soldiers’ graffiti that have been left in the dark for a 100 years. His work will be exhibited in numerous countries over the next three years. Brett’s work can be viewed on www.64stops.com. Brett has also lectured in Photography for the last 16 years.

Christophe Dillinger                                                                                                                                                              


3: ‘Red Sash’

Swirls series 2013






32cm x 32cm C-type on Kodak Endura paper

The print is a digital print, 32x32 cm, entitled red sash, taken in 2013. It is taken from the Swirls series.

The Swirls series was created by mixing traditional painting techniques with analogue photography. A layer painted with blue pigment was fitted onto the film prior to being inserted in the camera. The shot was made using a Seagull TLR and the negative was home processed.

The Swirls series was put together as a way to ally two complementary techniques together and to bring randomness and serendipity into the photographic aesthetic.

Costas Masseras


4: ‘Untitled’





12” x 8” digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper

“Photography is the way to bring reality close to my standards. If I can't change it, I can barely transform it enough in order to compromise with it. Starting from the beginning what is important and what is not, what could be regarded as beautiful, or ugly, what would be funny or sad. I try to put in order all things of this chaotic world around me and inside me. As a collector of everyday images, I have learnt to study photographs around me. Images introduce another way of communication. What is entitled inside the frame’s four angles, presuppose the aesthetic viewpoint of the creator. So my photographs refer to others but still speak enough about me. They constitute my best curriculum vitae.” Costas Masseras

Daniel Wirgård


5: ‘Her Studio’







18cm x 24cm signed selenium toned hand print on Neobrom fibre paper

Daniel Wirgård works in Gothenburg, Sweden. He specialises in portraiture and children, as well as documentary photography.

“This is from a series about my mother and is an ongoing project. The photographs contributed to Reclaim Photography West Midlands 2016 are taken from before her treatment for cancer. This photograph is from her studio (she is a painter) which is abandoned due to her illness. We don’t think she will be able to fight this one off…”

Sadly, Daniel’s mother passed away during the project and we offer our sincere condolences to Daniel and his family during this difficult time.

David Jerred Miles

6: ‘The Road to Belogradchik

This unenhanced colour image was shot on a very foggy day in Bulgaria - 2011.








8” x 12” digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper

David Jerred Miles was born in 1944 in Moseley, Birmingham.  He commenced his art education at the age of thirteen at Moseley School of Art and Crafts, continuing his studies at Birmingham College of Art. He subsequently became an advertising photographer and was, for seven years, Senior Creative Photographer for Cadbury-Schweppes.

In 1973, David became a Lecturer in Photography at Bournville College of Art. In 1988, the College merged with the Faculty of Art and Design at Birmingham Polytechnic to form the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design – BIAD. In 1988, David completed his studies towards a Master of Arts degree in Electronic Graphics at Coventry University and later headed up the newly formed School of Electronic Art and Design at BIAD/UCE (now BCU). He retired from full-time teaching in 2009.

David’s principal creative activities are photography and digital illustration.

David Waldron


7: ‘Cyrille Regis MBE’






10” x 8” signed digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper

David Waldron- Photographer, college lecturer.

‘Real Heroes’, a collection of memorabilia, transcribed oral histories and reflective contemporary photographic portraits of several West Bromwich Albion former players, compiled into a self-published book. Spanning five decades, features the late Derek Kevan who played in the 1950’s, to Bob Taylor (00’s). Cyrille Regis epitomised the swashbuckling late 70’s early 80’s period. The book is available via direct contact with the artist. david.waldron@sandwell.ac.uk

Fabio Sgroi


8: ‘Macedonia 2004’





12” x 8” digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper

Fabio began his career as a photographer in 1986 in the study of Letizia Battaglia and Franco Zecchin, collaborating as reporter for the daily paper "Lora." From the beginning, he was particularly interested in his homeland of Sicily, in all kinds of forms from the annual religious celebrations to daily life. He travelled and worked throughout Europe and different parts of the world.

From 2000 he has focused on panoramic format to capture the urban landscape and industrial archaeology. Over the years his career has included many professional international and European experiences. He has exhibited in different galleries in Europe and America, and in international festivals. His career includes collaborations, residences and international photographic projects in France, Germany and the Czech Republic. He has also exhibited in numerous individual and collective exhibitions including those in Italy, Off Arles Photographic Festival, Gallery and the Museum Etnografico of Belgrado, the Leica Gallery of Sölms, the Photo Biennale in Moscow, the Biennial Photographique of Bonifacio, the Centre Mediterraneeen de the Photographie-Bastia (Corsica), Saba Gallery New York, and Diaframma-Kodak - Milano among others. His ten-year photographic journey across the Balkans regions entitled: "PASSAGE" took part in the FOTOISTANBUL slideshow during 2015.


9: ‘The Propaganda is coming Gdansk Poland 2014’   

Print size: 8” x 12” digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper


György Stalter


10: ‘Other World 1990’






10” x 8” digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper

György Stalter was born in Budapest. He started taking photographs while attending the Franciscan grammar school in Esztergom. After the matura examination he received a qualifying degree in photography and started to work as a photo reporter for the press. 

From 1978, he was a member of the Young Artists’ Studio of Photography and secretary thereof between 1983 and 1986. He worked as a photo reporter and columnist for the weekly Magyar Ifjúság between 1978 and 1988. He has been a member of the Association of Hungarian Photographers and Art Fund since 1983. He worked as a photo reporter for the weekly Képes 7 for two years from 1988. He has been a freelance photographer since 1990.

Between 1990 and 1995 he published photographs at Amaro Drom (Roma magazine for Hungary) while working as a photo editor for VOLT magazine between 1992 and 1994. He founded a photo studio in 1995 to teach the "Art and Profession" of photography. Accompanied by wife Judit M. Horváth, the couple took photos of gypsy colonies throughout Hungary and of slum city quarters of the capital. Their work was published in a photo album “Another World”.

Recently he has been taking photographs of the vanishing microcosm of the 8th district of Budapest. He won the Budapest Photography Grant of the Municipal Pro Urbis Foundation for his series "Jó...Józsefváros" at the Press Photo Competition of the Association of Hungarian Journalists in 2006. He was given the Rudolf Balogh Award. He is a member of the Presidency of Association of Hungarian Photographers. He has had several group and one man shows of his work both in and outside of Hungary. Several of his pictures are kept by the Hungarian Museum of Photography in Kecskemét.

Ilona Denton


11: ‘Anne wearing dated protest t-shirt in West Wales’ (2014)






10” x 8” signed digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper

The photo is from a work in progress exploring the retirement of a staunch, and once active socialist. Now a carer for her blind husband, the pace of life is gradual and the routine seems uncomplicated. Time has slowed down and smaller events are weighted with much more significance. A once active and humanist milieu has a presence in their home, where time and thoughts are now occupied by immediate surroundings.

István Tóth

12: ‘My Friend L’






12” x 8” digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper

István Tóth lives and photographs in Budapest. He manages the highly respected and influential Polaroid photography group Instart Csoport. He recently curated a major exhibition hosted jointly by Mai Manó Hungarian House of Photography and the city contemporary photography gallery, Budapest. 

Judit M. Horváth


13: ‘Other World 1994’





10” x 8” digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper

Judit M. Horváth (1952) who after falling in love with her husband, fell in love with his work. She was reluctant to accept her identity for a long time, and yet eventually she became the chief editor of a Romani paper, Amaro Drom for several years.

The two of them photographed through practically all the Gypsy settlements of Hungary, and ghetto-like parts of districts in Budapest. After that she worked on a long term project Csalóka látszat/Simulacrum; small objects with macro objectives, culminating in an exhibition and book publication.

In 2011 she became ill with cancer. She started photographing herself and documented this difficult period in her life. In 2012, she exhibited ‘Private Pictures’ in slideshow format at Mai Manó Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest.                            

In 2015 she followed Private Pictures documenting her mother’s life in a nursing home until her death. These images were exhibited at Random Galerie, Budapest, November 2015. She is a member of the National Union of Hungarian Journalists and the Alliance of Hungarian Photographers. She is currently working on a freelance basis.

Justyna Bansal


14: ‘The House 11’ auction reserve £300.00






15” x 15” digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper

Justyna Bansal focuses her current practice on the banal and the mundane. Theoretically, her practice draws on the legacy of conceptualism and minimalism. The use of simple and strict arrangement aims to form bespoke compositions, seeking to challenge day-to-day experience. While the overall aim is to concentrate on the quiet beauty of everyday surroundings, the immediate ambition is to encourage the viewer to really see their everyday.

Kom Achall

15: ‘Shopkeeper’







16” x 20" digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper

Komlaish Achall works in lens -based media exploring concerns of identity, family and sense of place. Komlaish utilises mixed media working with film, still photography and photo – montage. Kom has exhibited widely in the West Midlands where her practice reflects site - specific interventions - Wolverhampton City Archives, Asylum Gallery, Wolverhampton Gallery, The Drum and the University of Wolverhampton Galleries are amongst these.

Ksenija Spanec



16: ‘Calm After the Storm’






15” x 15” pinhole photograph Fuji Velvia 50, digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper

“I was born in 1966, in Zagreb, Croatia, where I still live and work.

From as far as I can remember I always liked observing photographs, but never tried it myself, until I bought my first digital camera. At first, my favourite subjects were my children and my dog...but then I realised that photography interested me as an art form.

In a very slow process, that lasted from 2005 until now, I changed the way I see, feel and think about photography. I also changed the way I take photographs. Almost completely I abandoned digital photography.

Although my portfolio is quite versatile, the main and preferred subjects are flowers and plants, which I photograph using painting with light technique and old film cameras, including a pinhole camera, Yashica Mat 124g, Nikon FM2 and Pentacon Six.”

Maria Bratt


17: ‘View From a Window’







8” x 12” digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper

Maria Bratt is an art photographer born in Stockholm 1985. She has studied art and media and communication at Gothenburg University and Södertörn University. She is at present working at Konsthall C in Stockholm.

Maria is oriented towards black and white photography, portraits and feminist photography.

The photograph ‘View from a window’ is a frozen moment of her life in Stockholm, which is a symbolic picture of yearning for freedom.

Mark Power


18: ‘Lenwood, California, USA. January 2015’ (From 'Postcards from America’)




23” x 12.5” signed digital print

Makus Lehr


19: ‘… and shattered’





44cm x 30cm Crane Museo Silver Rag pigment print limited edition 2/ 10

“My main focal point is to present urban and industrial photography. Although the spaces that I decide to use for my motifs are man-made, I generally choose to depict them empty, deserted and alone. I am fascinated by the ambiguity of our relationships with cities – with the artifacts we leave behind, the man-made morphology and the ever-changing topography that we emplace on our environment.

My aim is to explore areas that have signs of transformation through change and cultural influence. I look specifically for tensions and dialogues in these locations: between foreground and background, between object and subject, between past and present and in the case of Berlin, between East and West.

I am based in Berlin.”

Michael Kirchoff


Contributing Editor Blur Magazine


20: ‘Transfiguration Cathedral Compound, Kizhi’ auction reserve £50.00






11” x 8.5” signed archival pigment print on Epsom exhibition fibre paper limited edition 9/20

Michael Kirchoff has a passion and addiction for photography that surpasses the tools used to make pictures. The latest digital technology, to the film based toy camera, to long expired Polaroid materials, are all instruments used in creating this art. Forging the dramatic image is the essence of that passion. His work can be recognized by a timeless and ethereal quality where the imperfections of the subject, camera, or technique are often highlighted as an integral part of the image. Michael resides in Los Angeles, CA, but travels the world to make unique and compelling pictures whenever possible.

Paul Biddle


21: ‘Incubation’






15” x 15.5” signed Hahnemuhle Photorag archival pigment print

Paul Biddle

Born in 1952, Birmingham, England

“Some pictures are simple and complete inside my head from the beginning, but most of my images start with the inspiration of the objects themselves. It may be something found in a junk shop, washed up on the beach near my home or something from my past, such as wooden letters from a childhood game or my palette from art school days.”

Peter Hodgson


22: ‘Wait’








8” x 12” signed digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper edition of 1

Peter Hodgson’s photographs create an abstract interpretation of the everyday. By looking at the familiar with an original eye he creates images of stark and minimal beauty. His work shows how the commonplace can become unique.

Phil Brooks


23: ‘64 Degrees North – Blue Lagoon Power Station, Iceland’






15” x 15” digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper

Phil Brooks was born and raised in the West Midlands, where he is currently head of photography at Dudley College. Phil’s photographic explorations however have been far from local. He has long been intrigued by the idea of the North. For his project – 60 Degrees North, Phil explored landscapes and communities that could be found 60 degrees north of the equator, from Siberia, through Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, Northern Canada and Alaska.

Phil’s work has been published and exhibited widely. He won the ‘International London Photographic Awards’ in 1997 and was awarded the ‘Caparo Prize’ for educational research in 2010. 

Rinzing Kelsang


24: ‘Untitled’





12” x 8” digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper

Rinzing Kelsang is a Midlands photographer based in Nottingham. His main focus is street photography and he runs workshops and projects across the city. All of his images are untitled, as he prefers to leave the subjects open to interpretation.

He is currently enrolled on an 18-month mentorship programme with Magnum photographer Alex Webb and his photographer wife Rebecca Norris Webb. 

Sookyoung Huh


25: ‘Core’









8” x 10” digital C-type on Kodak Endura paper in a natural wood white frame

Sookyoung Huh was born in Seoul, South Korea and completed a BA Fine Art at Chung Ang University and an MA Fine Art at the University of Leeds. She is currently based in London working as an artist, curator and writer. She has displayed her works in various UK exhibitions as well as internationally renowned places such as Busan Biennale 2007, Kulturhuset Stockholm Sweden 2013, Art Atina Greece 2015, participating shows in both the UK and Seoul Korea.

Su Fahy


26: ‘Family’ auction reserve £50.00

Fugitive Testimonies Artist Archive (Copyright)








8” x 12” Giclee print - archive photograph - on photo – rag 300gsm edition 3/50

Su Fahy is an artist working in lens – based media, principally photography.

Fahy’s research utilises the aura of the documentary photographic image in order to interrogate and contextualise our readings of natural or architectural environments. Working principally to commission, Fahy engages with theorists, photographers and archive materials with a view to producing images for collaborative publication or exhibition.

Tami Bone 


27: ‘Venus’ auction reserve $100.00/ £75.00






8”x8” signed hand print on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper special edition of 1

Tami Bone grew up in deep South Texas where she spent a childhood oftentimes free and driven

by her imagination. Her photographic work today pulls from impressions made during these early beginnings that make their way into her narrative images. Today Tami lives in Austin, Texas and engages photography as a means of storytelling and self-expression, with a knowing that the stories we tell form our personal truths and unique folklore.

She believes that our stories, both true and imagined, are significant and have the power to shape our lives, before finally, they become our lives. While her recent body of work, Mythos, is her own tale, it is a token of the shared mystery that binds us together.

Ulf Fågelhammer


28: ‘Flying’








9”x13” signed print on fine art Baryta 325 paper

Ulf Fågelhammer is a respected fine art photographer and a member of Reclaim Photography, Sweden. He successfully organises international collaborations, exhibitions and projects, mostly in digital presentation format. He is also the founder and editor of 591 Photography Blog www.591photography.com 2008-2013.

'The Luck is in the Draw' -  60 blind lots  - auction reserve £10.00 each. 


... loading slideshow ... 3. Christophe Dillinger © 'Red Sash' 32cm x 32cm digital C-type print on Kodak Endura paper 5. Daniel Wirgard © 'Her Studio' 18cm x 24cm signed selenium toned hand print on Neobrom fibre paper 8. Fabio Sgroi © 'Macedonia 2004' 9. Gareth Jukes © 'Untitled' 11. Ilona Denton © ‘Anne wearing dated protest t-shirt in West Wales’ 12. Istvan Toth © 'My Friend L' 13. Judit M. Horvath © 'Other World 1994' 15. Kom Achall © 'Shopkeeper' 16. Ksenija Spanec © 'Calm After the Storm' 18. Mark Power © 'Lenwood, California, USA. January 2015' (From 'Postcards from America') 19. Markus Lehr © '...and shattered' 20. Michael Kirchoff © ‘Transfiguration Cathedral Compound, Kizhi’ 21. Paul Biddle © 'Incubation' 22. Peter Hodgson © ‘Wait’ 23. Phil Brooks © ‘64 Degrees North – Blue Lagoon Power Station, Iceland’ 24. Rinzing Kelsang © 'Untitled' 26. Su Fahy © ‘Family’ 27. Tami Bone © ‘Venus’


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