Submission Form-Reclaim Photography Festival 2017: Reclaiming Our Cultural Landscape’

Please carefully read the rules and application form before signing and submitting your application. 

By completing this application form, you have confirmed that you have:

  • noted all dates for submission, one day events, gallery exhibitions and project evaluation;
  • read and understood the rules fully;
  • zipped all your files. To zip a file right click: send to: compressed (zipped) file. 
  • entered all the photographs you want to enter in the Reclaim Photography Festival 2017: although you can enter up to 4 photographs in the Festival, all photographs have to be entered as part of the same application;
  • entered no more than 4 prints A4 size 210mm x 297mm 300ppi (postal applications maximum weight: 300gsm), the images may be smaller than the canvass size;
  • label each image by name, age, image title, number and year taken: e.g. JohnDoe16BigPeg12016.jpeg. (Postal applications: attach a label no larger than 3”x2” with your name, title, type of media, year and web or blog url on the reverse of each print);
  • state if the image is part of a series or not and include the title of the series.
  • All entries must be received by post by 17:00 (UK time) Friday 27 January 2017 FAO: M Craig, ‘Reclaim Photography Festival 2017, PO Box 17175 HALESOWEN B62 2LH.
  • All costs incurred by postal/ courier services (including customs charges and any import duties) must be paid for in advance by the photographer. 
  • Reclaim Photography West Midlands and Reclaim Photography Festival will refuse to take delivery of any work that may incur charges to them or their sponsors.
  • You will not be allowed to enter further photographs after you have completed your entry form, even if you have entered fewer than 4 photographs. 
  • Submisison form includes: application, model and building release forms and project rules.


All text and images © Copyright protected Reclaim Photography West Midlands, GB