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Reclaim Photography was founded during 2011, by a group of photographers, to take art photography back to the streets and public spaces of Sweden. Members have successfully organised six events in Stockholm and Malmö, and are planning another major event during 2017. The events include artwork by local and international photographers who display up to four prints, no larger than A4, for two hour periods across their cities. 

Reclaim Photography Manifesto: 

Photography is the art form of our time. We see photographs in galleries, museums, on the Internet, in magazines and in books. Many photographs are displayed in the streets and in public spaces. But those pictures are usually about advertising - a call to consume. We need other images in our everyday life, pictures that feed our imagination and sharpen our minds. 

Support our idea of Reclaim Photography - taking back photography to the streets and public spaces. Arrange exhibitions in the streets - inspire people and spread photography as an art form. Help create a new visual landscape in our everyday environments.

Discover how much fun it is to watch pictures on paper and meet real people - Reclaim Photography!

Visit our Blog to see when and where the next event is being held.

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